KV36: Jbs Module: Humanizing Education Through Edutainment


I3DC | University/Vocational College

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This innovation focuses on students' needs and capabilities so that they are better able to manage their own learning patterns. The reinforcement of HOTS in primary school Science Education is a unique necessity to ensure that pupils meet the Malaysian Education Development Plan's six ambitions for becoming students. This innovation will (1) determine the level of mastery of HOTS in Science subjects among Year 5 students, (2) develop a JBS Module based on edutainment to improve HOTS in Science subjects among Year 5 students, and (3) assess the effectiveness of the JBS Module based on edutainment learning to improve the HOTS in Science subjects among Year 5 students. A survey method conducting a questionnaire was used for the first objectives of the study, and respondents were randomly selected. Respondents were among Year 5 primary school students who would then be divided into a treatment group and a control group. Next, the ADDIE model will be used for the second research objective in an effort to develop the JBS Module. The agreement of the panel in the field of Science Education and HOTS will be determined through the value of Cohen Cappa derived from the result of the agreement of each item in the aspect of module development. The third objective of the study will be to determine the evaluation of the JBS Module that will be analyzed through quazi-experiment among 66 students in year five. This study will produce edutainment-based Teaching and Facilitation Module in improving students' HOTS achievement for primary school Science subjects