PRO978: My EZi-BYOD Dashboard

MOhamad Rahimi Bin Mohamad Rosman Universiti Teknologi MARA Kelantan Branch

I3DC24 | Professional (Online)

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The COVID-19 pandemic and world economic downturn have seen companies and organisations, either government or private, decrease their expenditure, especially on IT investments. However, reducing expenses may cause problems such as inefficient work, less productivity, and work delay. Thus, the Bring-You-Owned-Devices or BYOD concept was introduced to enhance the organisation's performance as studies show that whenever users use the devices they are familiar with, the performance and productivity increase subsequently. Even though BYOD is increasingly popular, however, the organization facing problems to determine the level of BYOD among their employees. Thus, we develop an application called BYOD ezi-Dashboard to help organizations properly manage their BYOD readiness, as well as make necessary improvements to their organizational environment.