PRO927: Digital Twin For Driving Energy Efficiency For Sustainability Manufacturing

Dipl-Ing.Inv.Ir.Narendran Ramasenderan ASIA PACIFIC UNIVERSITY

I3DC24 | Professional (Online)

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The project positions itself at the forefront of addressing the significant environmental, economic, and societal challenges inherent in the manufacturing industry. Aligned with international initiatives like the Paris Agreement, this research ambitiously targets the optimization of energy efficiency within factory settings. By synergizing sustainable manufacturing methodologies, the incorporation of renewable energies, and the deployment of avant-garde technologies such as digital twins, photogrammetry, and predictive analytics, this study navigates the complexities of reducing resource consumption, mitigating elevated operational costs linked to maintenance deferments, and overcoming the limitations of conventional monitoring systems. Offering pioneering solutions and insights, the initiative envisions redefining the manufacturing domain towards enhanced sustainability, resilience, and operational efficiency. This investigation underpins the critical discourse on sustainable manufacturing, advocating for a revolutionary industry-wide reassessment of energy usage, environmental stewardship, and production dynamics.