Dr. Mohammed Iqbal B. Badaruddin Jab. Pengajian Liberal, KPSK, UiTM Kelantan Kampus Machang

I3DC24 | Professional (Online)

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In creating a good three-dimensional (3D) artwork such as product, sculpture, diorama or motion art (animation/montage) for any 3-D design courses, students seem facing difficulty specially with affordable budget and time-consuming during fieldwork studies in order to understand 360-degree views on selected subject/object. By introducing a low-cost 3D scanner, students can create a good 3-D design, with acceptable references of selected subject/object and will be a satisfactory as part in exploring and collecting such image, shape or appearance. This project used an approach that can be easily adapted, shared, and adopted by others that using low-cost 3D scanning technology where the user are able to address these issues specially among educators. Other than low-cost and time consuming, the design of this technology also minimalizes spatial area and easy to remote specially for average transportation. Award and publication: Bronze IIDEX UiTM S. Alam (2021), IINNCOME UiTM Perlis (2022), RENTASIA Symposium, IIAM KL (2023).