PRO703: Digitizing Galleries: Enhancing Visitor Experience And Preservation Through AR Technology

VANDEN ANAK MICHAEL University Of Technology Sarawak

I3DC24 | Professional (Online)

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Engaging visitors and promoting meaningful learning have long been primary goals in educational and gallery experiences. Traditional information-delivery techniques, such as static exhibits and guided tours, frequently struggle to hold visitors' attention and provide an engaging educational experience. The World Fuzhou Gallery Heritage is a museum that boasts a rich history and culture. However, the story behind the prosperous development of Sibu has gone unnoticed and unappreciated. This article dives into the factors that have led to a lack of interest in visiting and exploring the stories hidden within the stone murals. According to observations, the mural is a carved stone statue in black and white. With the advent of advanced technology, stone statues have failed to appeal to the viewer nowadays. Therefore, this study aims to make the murals more attractive by using augmented reality (AR) methods. AR can attract more visitors and engage visitors to learn the history back of the murals about the development of Sibu by the Fuzhou people. There are four main objectives are needed to be conducted in this research which is to identify the digitalization experience of the museum, to study the murals of the World Fuzhou Heritage Gallery for digitalization, to investigate a method of visual animation to engage people with the murals and to produce an interactive and entertaining way to teach the history of the murals.