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The "Mastering Oscillator Circuits" module has been designed and established as an educational tool for the DEE30043 (Electronic Circuits) with an emphasis on Chapter 2: Oscillators. It is aimed at third-semester students enrolled in the Electrical Engineering Diploma (DET) and the Electric and Electronic Engineering Diploma (DEE) programs at Politeknik Malaysia. This innovative project is intended to provide students with insights into the capabilities of electronics, the characteristics of oscillator circuits, oscillation frequency, and a comparison of the performance of different oscillators. The trainer was developed to facilitate Practical Work 2, "Mastering Oscillator Circuits," offering an in-depth understanding of oscillators by covering their basic principles, various types, and unique characteristics, along with the factors influencing their outputs. For the DEE30043 (Electronic Circuits) course, this training module is enhanced with Fault Switches, specifically designed to introduce errors into the circuits. This feature allows students to engage in troubleshooting and refine their problem-solving skills. Moreover, it highlights the importance of feedback circuit variations across different oscillators, underlining how these differences are vital for achieving the desired outputs. This comprehensive approach not only provides students with theoretical knowledge but also practical experience in managing and manipulating oscillator circuits. Future enhancements could include the integration of an internal power supply, enabling this trainer to be used independently.