Dr. Mohd Haris Bin Abdul Rani Universiti Teknologi MARA

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ABSTRACT The United Nations Motorcycle Helmet Study predicted that in 2020 alone, between 122,000 and 250,000 lives could be saved if they wore appropriate helmets. It further acknowledged that between the period 2008–2020, it was estimated that 1.4 million lives could be saved through wearing adequate protective helmets. Similarly in Malaysia, it was reported that the introduction of the motorcycle helmet law helped reduce fatalities by 30%. Despite that, since 1996, its overall road fatalities have steadily increased by 4% per year, making Malaysia the world the highest fatality risk. Thus, this adaptive research was conducted aimed not just to understand this phenomenon, and its relationship with the law, but to develop a possible solution to it. Our study shows that motorcyclists in Malaysia demand environmental improvements in enhancing their enjoyment while wearing helmets. A proposed solution through an air conditioning system for full-faced helmets that is cheap and easy to install would further promote the protection of motorcyclists from head injuries while providing overall thermal comfort in any given environment. The air conditioning systems will increase motorcycle helmet comfort and encourage motorcycle helmet wearing, adhere to the motorcycle helmet law, and, most importantly, save lives. Keywords: Helmet Airconditioning System, Road Safety, Road Fatalities, Motorcycle Riding Comfort, Motorcycle Accidents