PRO1098: PureBlend : Personalized Face Cream For Your Unique Skin

ChM. Afiq Azil KPJ Healthcare University

I3DC24 | Professional (Online)

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The introduction of a cream-making vending machine is a notable advancement in skincare, especially in diverse regions like Malaysia. Traditional products often fail to address various skin needs, but personalized creams based on Dr. Baumann's Skin Type system now offer cost-effective solutions. The machine's interface, featuring a handheld scanner, swiftly analyzes skin conditions like moisture levels, irritations, and wrinkles, recommending tailored formulations. Positioned strategically in busy areas, these vending machines provide convenient access to high-quality skincare. Regulated by national authorities, they ensure safety and efficacy, promoting a culture of self-care. This innovation aims to transform the skincare industry, fostering confidence and well-being nationwide.