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This teaching and learning innovation project aim to enhance students experience during class lecture by creating the education mobile kit which consists of the collection of Malaysia interesting handicraft because not all the handicraft product are known by people. Hence, with this HCRAFT E-BOX can improve knowledge gain about handicraft to students who taken DTM10093 Tourism in Malaysia subject. This project is to get people realize about the specialty and uniqueness of the Malaysia handicraft. During the innovation process of created this product, researcher has conducted a research study which consist from problem statement, write the literature review, methodology, finding, recommendation and lastly the effectiveness of the product. In this study, the researcher using questionnaire to survey about product HCRAFT E-BOX. The research instrument that been used to carry out the study is by using questionnaire forms. Here come the HCRAFT E-BOX which have the 8 main Malaysian handicraft display in a box with a small card showing the name of the handicraft and have a QR code that have information about the handicraft. Additionally, the box of product was made by acrylic board. Inside the box, have another 8 small box to place the all of the handicraft which is Labu Sayong, Tekat, Batik, Pewter, Beads, Songket, Pua Kumbu and woodcraft. Normally, during class students only can see the handicraft in a picture and they need to find all the information in website that have a lot of different information that can make them confuse. Address to this issue, researcher took the opportunities in providing information about handicraft in Malaysia for the student with innovate one education tool that can help them in their learning which is they can experience touch, feel and see the handicraft in real. With that the recommendation of the HCRAFT E-BOX become a solution to the problems faced by the teachers and students to teach and learn in subject DTM10093 Tourism in Malaysia.